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The FIRST and longest-standing online sponsorship management solution in the Industry

WEG's Sponsor Management solutions were first to market and while they have since been refined to meet changing needs, we have been here longer than any other provider in the Industry.  Utilized to manage the full life-cycle of a sponsor engagement, from the online application and contract, to finance management, sponsor task deliverables, and their own self-serve management console.  We also take care of you and your team, with a robust real-time admin and reporting suite.  Our sponsor management solutions can be fully integrated with the rest of your event technology solutions and strategy, to achieve a true one-stop-shop for you and your sponsors.

All of our Sponsor Management solutions fully integrate with the WEG suite of event technology and reporting, as well as with many other 3rd-party providers.  Financial processors and gateways are not to be excluded from the list of 3rd-party providers. We have integrated with just about all of them and have experience working with finance teams and accounts to ensure event funds are processed, received, and tracked from end to end. 

Sponsor engagements mean something different for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.  Our solutions and services support these different types of engagements flawlessly.

WEG's fully integrated approach provides a real-time one-stop-shop for you and your sponsors. A Management portal is available for your team so they can manage all of your event sponsors and monitor their activities and deliverables in one place. Each sponsor's logistic contact is provided with a unique console where they can manage their package level inclusions, sponsorship activity, staff registration, and meetings, all in one place.


WEG provides innovative, smart, easy to use, self-serve solutions designed with the experience of all client, partner, and sponsor participants' needs in mind.

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