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White-glove service and technology designed for executive audiences

Executive level services are abundant in our industry however, we have yet to find a technology solution suited for executive engagement.  WEG identified this technology gap and went to work innovating and collaborating to naturally answer this important niche.  WEG has since supported countless executive-level events ranging in audience size, style, and strategy, providing unparalleled services and technology needed to produce smart, innovative, high-touch, very successful executive events. 


Stand-alone event or as a track running parallel to a larger program, virtual or in-person, WEGs suite of integrated solutions and white-glove service will support your executive program from start to finish.

Executive roundtables and specific topic executive discussions have continued to grow in frequency and success.  Due to the size and style of these programs, we have supported our clients with successful in-person programs pre and during the 2020 COVID19 pandemic.  Small regional and local in-person programs have been possible with social distancing and these programs have also quickly and successfully pivoted to a virtual model, supported by WEG's service and technology.  There has never been a greater need for these influential and impactful meetings and WEG provided success and value in execution, regardless of the format or size.

2020 brought a tremendous amount of change to everyone and executive face to face meetings and discussions are no exception.  While WEG has been providing digital and hybrid event solutions, for many years, 2020 brought on a brand new meaning and level of need, especially with our executive-level audiences. These executive events were some of the first to pivot, continue to push forward, and showcase the possibilities and value in virtual and hybrid events.  If your executives are on board then the rest of our audience will be too.  


Understanding the value of face to face is hard to replace, WEG continues to provide a smart, engaging, and highly configurable technology suite that differentiates your event, aligns with your marketing goals, and engages your audience. 

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