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The backbone and reporting that supports the most dynamic and exciting programs

WEG is honored to support the technology and service behind the Industries most prestigious and recognized global incentive programs. 

Our incentive programs utilize the same solutions you know and love however they are highly customizable and tailored to support the very different aspects of an incentive program.  Inventory controlled and conflict checking activity building, endless guest registrations, and integrations with travel, hotel and mobile app systems, provide your attendees with a smart, real-time, white-glove, intuitive self-serve, and fully integrated experience. 

WEG will consult with your team throughout the entire project cycle to ensure the system and reporting capabilities exceed the needs of your program, even if they change.  Your team, as well as selected vendors, will have access to the full set of supporting solutions, reporting, and custom reporting, all in real time, allowing your team access to edit and view the information needed 24/7. 

Internal and external hospitality programs utilize the full WEG solution suite, only tailored to meet your highly customized program needs and activities.  Attendees experience a highly intuitive and and easy to use registration, meeting scheduling, and activity building system and the capabilities to utilize a real time dashboard to view or edit their itinerary and all things relating to their engagement at the event. 


Your management team will have access to a robust set of solutions and real time reporting all fully integrated to support your flawless event execution and post event information.

In addition the fully integrated WEG technology platform, your incentive and hospitality solutions and database can be smarter and more integrated through the many integrations WEG provides through APIs.  Housing, travel, and mobile app integration capabilities are possible with any program but are even more relevant for incentive and hospitality programs.    Your organization's CRM, HR, LinkedIn, Usergroup, Customer ID, etc., can all be integrated into WEG's registration solution so your attendees have a more intuitive and automated option that ties directly to all of your data sources. 


These integrations provide additional layers of data possibilities that support your marketing strategy and provide the insight you never knew was possible from your event.

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