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The Industry's only customizable and fully integrated meeting scheduling solution


Personalized and individually focused 1:1, customer, partner, and executive meetings that are fully integrated into your management, field, and attendees' event experience.  Your management team is provided with a robust real-time scheduling platform that pulls in active attendees, executives, and conflict checks against other meetings, sessions and activities your attendees are participating in.  Meeting invitees receive email communication, calendar invites (in all formats), and their meetings display within their agenda.  Integrate with WEG's SEP and your sales team can drive the meetings and scheduling of your most important attendees.


Similar to WEG's Meeting Schedule solution but uniquely tailored to support Influencer meetings.   Innovated from the unique and customized needs of Influencers, this solution allows your Global Communication Team to create customized schedules for their Influencers (Bloggers, Press, Industry Analysts, Financial Analyst, etc.) to meet with approved customers, partners, executives, and employee spokespeople.  WEG's Global Communication Scheduler (GCS) can be added to any program and is fully integrated with all of WEG's solutions and calendars.


In addition to keynotes, sessions, meetings, and show floors, many events include additional special interest activities and events.  WEG's Special Interest Activity (SIA) solution provides users with the ability to set up meetings with logistical information such as date, time, location, and an inventory limit.  An invite process is included and allows specific SIA managers to invite active registrants to the event, send communication, track responses, and even host a specific check-in process if required.  WEG's SIA solution can be used for any number or type of special interest activity and hosts the real-time platform and reporting for each specific event manager.

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