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Data driven integrated approach to strategy-driven registration and audience acquisition

Your event data starts with registration and WEG provides a fully integrated and customizable registration solution to exceed your unique program needs and your data strategy.   We provide best practice expertise while collaborating with your program needs, accounting for the full program needs so you have the information you need and value post-event.  Our registration system fully integrates with our full suite of solutions and can also operate fully independently.  If you need to integrate with other solutions, WEG's registration system provides that option too.

Your registration and audience database can be smarter and more integrated through the many integrations WEG provides through API.  Your CRM, HR, LinkedIn, Usergroup, Customer ID, etc., can all be integrated into WEG's registration solution so your attendees have a more intuitive and automated option that ties directly to your data sources.  These integrations provide additional layers of data possibilities that support your marketing strategies and provide the insight you never knew was possible from your event.

Acquiring your audience is a major part of your marketing strategy.  It provides the target audience, speakers, sponsors, and support teams, you are after.  While open registration is always an option, it does not always provide enough visibility to acquire your target audience.  WEG has several audience acquisition solutions that provide 1:1 personal invitations, marketing communications, campaigns, and endless possibilities with promotions and a self-service group registration system.  WEG's Sales Enablement Platform offers the industry's ONLY audience acquisition tool to truly integrate with your CRM and HR data and provide your sales and marketing teams with direct access into your event's audience aquisition and reporting.

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