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A fresh way of providing strategy-driven digital experiences

The only truly unified digital experience platform in the industry.  Providing your team the ability to add a unique digital experience right from the tools you already know and love.  WEG's Digital Experience Platform gives you yet another powerful and valuable tool that brings industry best practices and ideas to your event's unique needs and strategy.  Your audience gets a tailored, targeted, and engaging experience while providing your organization the data, insight, and functionality that supports your business' strategic goals and moves you forward.

While WEG offers you an all in one truly unified digital platform, we also play nice with others and can integrate with just about every other digital platform or production solution out there.  Need to host breakout sessions through Zoom or Teams?  WEG has you covered there and is able to fully integrate with many meeting platforms to provide your audience with a seamless experience while still providing your organization with the valuable reporting and data that you have trusted us to do. 

2020 has brought a tremendous amount of change to everyone and our industry is no exception.  While WEG has been providing digital and hybrid event solutions for many years, 2020 brought a whole new meaning and level of need.  Virtual events are growing at the same rate as the desire to return to face to face.  WEG is excited to share how through our solutions and services, your virtual and in-person events can seamlessly operate together to successfully achieve high levels of engagement and your event marketing goals.

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