Third Party Integration

It would be a perfect world if we could build one end all, be all system that would take care of all of our company and event needs.

In a perfect world we would have one set of tools to get the job done.  Since we don’t live in a perfect world we need to use many tools behind the firewall and out in the open Internet.  With this reality, integration with 3rd party systems is a necessary fact of business and running your event.

Seamless integration with your existing CRM software ensures your registrant, exhibitor, speaker, and other contact related event data is part of your sales pipeline and overall customer relationship management process.

Whether it’s XML, SOAP, REST, or JSON, we can seamlessly integrate your event system with the rest of yours or your partners’ internal systems.

And if you don’t have an API there is always CSV, Tab Delimited or other text file transfer of data to get your data where you need it.