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COVID-19 Response

It is time to re-imagine our future

COVID-19 turned the event and hospitality industry upside down.  While we are still experiencing more uncertainty than we planners would like, change is for certain!  Lucky for us, we turn on a dime, thrive on change and adversity, and have pioneered our way through by evolving our digital solutions and services to exceed the changing and unique needs of today's events.  COVID-19 has given us all the gift of time.  Time at home, time to develop, and time to re-imagine our future.  WEG has always been a company lead by innovation and turning the impossible into the possible.  We have dusted off our digital event technology, listened, watched, and innovated, and are thrilled to be pioneers once again with the first and only truly integrated and data-driven event technology platform for today's virtual and hybrid events.

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