WebEvents Global’s mission is to provide innovative technologies to enhance the attendee experience while enabling businesses to capture meaningful information from the event to further their business objectives.

WebEvents Global was founded in 2002 to provide event management solutions using technology as the prime enabler for managing events, supporting attendees, effective data capture, reporting, and quality assurance mechanism.   In addition to the products WebEvents Global develops, we provide a comprehensive set of services intended to support our clients, while providing the highest level of customer service and always ensuring that each event is delivered flawlessly.   From the beginning, WebEvents Global has taken pride in our relationships, our agile client support, and continued flexibility with our products and services. Our continued pride and dedication has proven to be the foundation of our success and has allowed us to proudly stand by our reputation as an intelligent, enthusiastic group of people who “get it,” working in the best interests of our clients. 

We have over 75 years combined experience in the events business, allowing us to offer expert advice and proactively manage our projects to achieve the result you want.  We are also a diverse group of individuals that enjoy what we do and have a lot of fun outside of work too.

Get to know us:

  • We speak Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English, Italian, Farsi and Filipino
  • We are from Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Mexico
  • We are sports enthusiasts that play volleyball, soccer, practice martial arts and kickboxing and compete in triathlons and marathons
  • We are video gamers, photographers and stained glass artisans
  • We build and race race cars
  • We love to travel and we’ve been to 6 of the 7 continents