Mobile Tools

Mobile devices dominate our worlds, whether its your obsession for your blackberry or your passion for the IPhone.

Smart Phones have brought email, text, social networking and the Internet to the masses.  They enable us to network with family, friends and where we work.  

Events are based upon networking and connecting,  mobile phones cannot be ignored when designing, developing, and deploying event technology.  The primary mobile platforms we consider at WEG are:
Blackberry Development
Blackberry – The favorite of corporate and business obsessions.  The blackberry dominates our work lives and enables us to stay connected.  Making event communication, registration and other tools accessible through blackberries is important for the event user experience. 

IPhone – The IPhone leads the way in market share and as a development platform.  It goes beyond the blackberry as more than a communication device, it is truly another development platform that your event cannot ignore.

Android – The latest heavy player to the mobile market is Android an open source platform developed by Google.  Android is being adopted by a wide range of mobile, web-book, and laptop manufacturers in 2009.  By 2010 you will see Android eroding at IPhone’s market share as a communication and development platform.

From on-site registration to event twitter feedback the mobile phone is an ever growing part of the event experience.  What is your event doing to make sure you reaching your audience on popular mobile platforms?  Let WebEvents Global help.