Social Design

Social tools are being used in many areas of our personal and business worlds. Designing systems to integrate with customers existing social habits is a requirement.

Events are about enabling attendees to network, collaborate and share information.   Social networks, media platforms and tools are built with these same fundamental concepts in mind.  

Google integration is an important aspect of event software integration providing document sharing, social networking, session presentation, and general search engine presence.  

Twitter  integration is a vital communication area for all events.  Giving users a twitter account to receive key event information is important.  Providing users with a common twitter #hashtag to reference the event or specific event activities provides a common element to discover “social chatter” about an event.  “Social Chatter” can then be evaluated to provide valuable event feedback and information on what type of experience attendees had.

Facebook as a communication recently surpassed email in usage volume.  This means people are communicating on Facebook just as much as they are using email.  Facebook cannot be ignored as a valuable communication and presentation tool for an event.  Facebook Connect and the Facebook Development Platform provides the necessary tools to reach and interact with event attendees.

Designing, developing and deploying event technology with social tools in mind is essential to the success of the event.  Google, Twitter and Facebook are just a couple of the most important tools to consider with designing social event technology.