Agile Development

Disciplined project management process that encourages adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages collaboration, a set of engineering best practices that allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.

We are committed to aligning your events technology with your business goals, backed by the knowledge and wisdom of the experienced WebEvents Global team.   Our agile development process closely aligns itself with input from your event team and utilizes an iterative approach between our executive staff, project managers and the dedicated developer on your project.

Our developers have worked for years with our project managers using the same code, techniques and event methodology.  This creates a rapid development process that will ensure your project meets your business timeline.

We utilize a library of modular, reusable code which has evolved over 10 years of event web application development.  This code has been designed with rapid development in mind to meet the high demands of the event technology environment.

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  4. Responding to change over following a plan