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WebEvents has the most flexible and rapidly configurable registration product on the market.

To WebEvents Global, Flexiblility and Configurability mean that our solutions will fit your specific event needs.  

In most events, Registration is too often the means by which you gather information, print a badge, ask a few survey questions and (maybe) charge a credit card.

At WebEvents Global, we seek out key insights into your interests at the event, offering access to a host of functional and social tools that allow attendees to plan and participate in the event, months before the start date.

The experience during registration really does define you, and you can either enhance your brand or leave your potential attendee disappointed. With WebEvents you have access to the best possible experience from single sign-on, seamless CRM (or profile) driven personalization and immediate access to all the attendee products including our “Smart” agenda builder.

It’s the reason why WebEvents Global continue to receive rapturous feedback from the people that matter the most, your paying attendee’s

Are your customers attending a truly Experiential event? Talk to WebEvents about how we can help you deliver..